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The Fantastically Beautiful Joyously Superfun 22-23 Season Celebration Thread


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Good transition game. Liked that.

Everyone pretty much played well. Always reassuring to see Marner, Tavares, and Willy look strong out of the gate.


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I wonder if we see a jarnkrok Bunting and Matthews sticks. Those two goals were identical and jarny has a great shot it seems.

Tavares with Mitch might seem possible. Don't know if it will truly work.and maybe.
Then Willy on line three


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Holy shit Zeke...I really would have liked to have met you...I'm a 48 year old dude that here with my daughter and then we are going to the Russell Peters 90s rnb groups...big daddy Kane,

Sorry bud.


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Bunting --- Matthews --- Marner
Engvall --- Tavares --- Nylander
Kerfoot --- Holmberg --- Jarnkrok
ZAR --- Kampf --- NAK​