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The ****ing Pre-Season/Training Camp Thread (2019/20)


Wayward Ditch Pig
I would bet money that Pridham sent that to Bobo by text.

But...where are we going to find a NHL calibre fill in for less than 800K

Petan .775
Agostina .738
Aberg .700

Kivi .793
Harpur .725
Schmaltz .700
Gravel .700



Wayward Ditch Pig
as a fill in? sure. 100+ games in the show. 100+ abortions, but in pretty strict defensive usage as well. He would function as a #6 on an emergency basis if necessary. Keeping in mind that he's probably #12 on our depth chart. Not too many teams rocking a 24 yr old with 100 NHL games experience as their #12.


Can a team have a player travel with the team without him being "called up"? I'm guessing no but just wondering if anyone knows for sure.