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The official NFL thread


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Saw that.

Differences with the coach.

They’ll try to smooth it over. If not, they won’t get what he’s worth to a team.


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Fire sale continues.

Looks like a complete overhaul coming. Rosen has to prove he can be part of it or he’s toast.


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Great opportunity for the Fish to trade at least one of those 1st to get mid-round value. They need bodies.

(And besides, won’t three 1st rounds picks costa shitload of signing bonus coin?)


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Should sign Kaepernick.
He hasn't seen action in far too long to come in and be somewhat effective. I think they ride with Mason and see how he does. Ben just signed a three year extension during the offseason and thinks he will be back. I doubt it, but one never knows. He'd be a free wallet (Kap) but we just got rid of our last side show, I doubt they'd willingly sign another possible distraction.