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TML? More like FML, amirite? Yet Another Off Season Thread

Wayward DP

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Much like Timmy last year, I would want to see an extended look with Brodie in 5v5 and PK minutes before I dive.

He has the talent to get there just not 100% sure he is there yet
I don't think he has the physical tools to be able to succeed in that role. Hope I'm wrong but time will tell.


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I think every team will but fuck me, it's hard to imagine a team more likely to land him than the leafs, assuming he does explore the market.

Man if that happens I might stop becoming a Leafs fan when this era is over. Nothing will ever compare.


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I don't expect us to get connor unless he specifically wants to come to us and really only us.

I'm just happy that Edmonton is finally dealing with the same type of shit we deal with all the time though. Connor coming to Toronto is way more plausible than Auston signing with Arizona state ever was.


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That report is just yumyumyum. Giving it to Edmonton now is going to be so fun. Sure, take Hyman, Barrie, Campbell, whoever. We'll just take McDavid when he's free. Thanks. The shitstorm that this will start will only help matters. Edmonton media and fans will be anxious and pressuring McDavid more and more to extend, and when he won't, they're going to freak, but of course assume the best, and then kill themselves when the worst materializes. Mwah.


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I think only two other teams have less cap space committed the year he becomes UFA than we do.

We're paying three players 13.2-14.1% of the cap right now. Could probably make it work if the desire was there on McDavid's side.