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Williams Is Not Coming Back


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This is interesting. He could be a freebie Trade Deadline deal, if we that extra push. Like Mark Recci was in '06, but without the cost of a player or pick.


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Or he could sign with anyone else at any time he wanted. Pick someone with a shot at the cup and a sliver of cap space.


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@ice_chip: Asked Tom Dundon if he expected Justin Williams to return this season. "I think in a certain circumstance there's a possibility. But I think only he knows and I think it depends on a bunch of factors, from the team performance to how he feels and his family."


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@ice_chip: More Dundon on Williams: "We wanted him to be able to lead his life without feeling he was letting anybody down. I think our team is pretty good, so it works out really well. You get a chance to see other people and see how they do. It will be interesting to see what happens."


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Dundon was also on 99.9 yesterday with Gold and Ovies and he admitted that he still talks often with Williams about all sorts of things about the team, leadership, players, etc. It sounded like Dundon would always have room for him to come back at any point in the season if JWilly wanted that.


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I just don't know how you juggle the roster to make that happen while maximizing your roster to compete. But if there's a guy I'd shuffle the deck to figure out a way to wedge in, it would be Williams.

I still suspect he ends up in a consulting role eventually ... or maybe AGM.