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Hey man, I just wanted to say that I apologize for lashing out at you the other day. I didn't take kindly to your input because I can assure you that it's totally off base, but I like you and don't think I've cursed you out before. I'm just a bit tired of the constant misinterpretations and people assigning meaning to my positions that simply aren't representative or true.
Hey Killer, you mention considering trading prospects for a 1st round pick in this year's draft. I have 7 of those, and I am looking for prospects. Are you open to moving Urias, Gallen, Adell or Greene?
Hey zeke .....
Do you ever fish?
If you are ever up in this area, feel free to call and drop over ..... would like to talk with you and listen to some of your ideas.
Have a great day zeke.
Not much dude! Working and enjoying life with the fam & friends! Go Leafs Go!
Why is it that whenever I am on this site, my keyboard misses letters I am typing? I dont have this problem anywhere else
mbow i have just tried to post a video on the favorites videos it only comes up as an address what or how do I do it?
Hiya! Tim?

I posted a link to here on my fb page and see this name as the newest member so I'm assuming Tim!