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Rumors: 2023-24 Season

I'd be tempted to go for Laine. We can probably have him for not much and at worse we trade him at 50% retention in 2 years deadline and get at least a first.

Upside is we got a 6"5 35+ goals winger in a new environment. Colombus is where offense goes to die, like we used to be. Look at Gaudreau.
In an ideal world, I'd love for a good UFA on a short term deal.

In the real world, as in the world we actually live in, the good UFAs are all getting term.
Any high end veteran willing to go short is likely steering their way to a soft landing to retirement and looking for a legit crack at the cup.

The last part disqualifies the Habs.
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Yah, I was referring to a Stamkos type situation.

But what the Habs can offer a suitable veteran are decent minutes. Top 9, maybe top 6 minutes and PP2.
Then retain less. I even do it at 33% retention if Lindstrom is there. I think that's who they want.