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I'd be happy to sell your BIL my tickets for the game on the 15th at my cost. Two seats in 127, row X directly behind the net the Canes shoot at twice. With a Premium Parking pass, it comes to $200.

Let me know!

OK, thanks Kurtzy. I would like to wait to see what else gets offered before I commit. Mmkay?
Not sure who you're open to trading, but I'm interested in Power, Sanderson, Savoie.
Back in the saddle again. Hope to visit regularly.
Don’t be a stranger.
Ed H in Pasadena
Ed H in Pasadena
Already posted two comments in the Prem thread. I'd do the Pens but looks like it's a dead place.
Ed H in Pasadena
Ed H in Pasadena
Of course, that hasn't stopped me from posting on the Pens' board. At least I get the occasional interaction there with Habspatrol, whose wife is a Pens fan.
You should come over and comment whenever our boys meet up. Expectations pretty high there, huh?