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I've noticed that sometimes we come across things on the internet that isn't news, isn't really a meme, and we try to shoehorn it into existing threads....

This is one of those things...

For those of you familiar with Marc Rebillet, he did a live session with The Wayne Brady last week

For those of you not familiar with Marc Rebillet, you're welcome

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Great, now the idiots that stormed Washington are on their way to Toronto.
There are plenty of special people that call the Crescent moon Muslim. I just figured those were the same as the idiots in January. Random thought that came to mind.
Its cool that they were able to do build it there, I guess. But I like my majestic mountains and canyons concrete free. To each their own.
The whole province (Yunnan) is spectacular scenery, much of it like that. Best hiking I’ve ever done is not too far from that spot (which is not actually Zhaotong city, but in the vicinity, I believe.) Forgivable that they filled .0001% of that gorge with city, IMO.