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Austin is crying to Vanessa about Liz because he is into her and Liz does not feel the same


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That was brutal this moring, he threw a fit because she slept downstairs and not in the HOH with him.

Sad thing is, he is one of the few in that house in a relationship.


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So, Johnnie Mac won the POV again. Good on him, I like that dude.

Vanessa and Austin had a bit of a row because Austin threw the comp, and then Vanessa and Audrey had a logn talk where VAn asked Audrey to use her brain ( she is very smart) to come up with an idea to backdoor Jeff.

Vanessa later went 'nuts' and started telling Shelli all about her idea that Clay is a twin, and Shelli sort of half bought into it, saying she had noticed some things were different. She also might have been trolling Vanessa, it was odd.

Vanessa just called the HG's to a meeting, which was being shown on camera. She got a note from production, that although Gronk does not like Have nots, when Gronk calls a party, Gronk expects people to show up. So, if he calls one, and you don't go, you are a party pooper, and thus you become a have not.


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Apparently there was some sort of short luxury comp this morning, and Meg won a Cruise with Gronk +. Some say it is with his family, others seem to think with other Pats. Either way, she's happy.

POV should be going on shortly

Last night was semi awkward, a forced truth or dare saw JOhnnie Mac made up like a cat and he got to kiss Julia(I think), Asutin licking the bottom of Clay's shoes, Audrey licking whip cream off of Julia's belly, and Jason giving Clay a lapdance among others.


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Audrey spent 3+ hours in the DR last night while the rest of the house had an anti-Audrey meeting.

The POV ceremony was supposed to happen several hours ago, but Audrey went back into the DR. Audrey was supposed to be on the block, but has not been seen since, and the other HG's are now speculating that she has self evicted herself.

James in fact just told Johnnie in one of the rooms that the Veto ceremony was cancelled, but no idea if he was joking or not.


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Austin totally just threw the twins under the bus to Johnnie Mac.

Talking about how he has this dream about Jeff tried to steal Liz at the wrap party. 'I don't care if he goes for the other one, just not the twin I like.'

Johnnie is like just nodding his head. Then he starts asking questions, which is the one you like?
Austin - Oh its Liz.

JM - So the one that is in the house now, is that the one you like?
Austin - No. Well, yes, we get along, but I have the real connection with the other twin.