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GDT #52 MAY 3 7PM - French Defense


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Can't be suicidal after every bad goal.

Starting goalie almost has to have the mentality of a baseball closer. Be accountable to yourself and your team, hold yourself to a high standard but when you **** up, you can't be afraid of the next shot on net.

If Jack starts blaming the team in front of him (as passive aggressive Fred often did), I'll get concerned.

Yeah...there was a long piece in The Athletic a few months back. Jack seems wired differently though. Has some fragility to him. He was the top goaltender in his draft class but took it very badly when he was sent down...he was 19 FFS. Then 4-5 years later he had a bad stretch with Dallas and didn't show up to practice one day...and almost never came back and considered joining the Navy Seals.

So, his stoicism is a work in progress.


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Keefe said they'll know more in a few days.

Looking at the remainder of the shed for the Jets and it's literally Ottawa, Calgary Vancouver and the final game of the season is huge vs the leafs.

That game could literally be the game that if they lose they play us...a win and they play Edmonton.

It's,going to be an interesting one


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Marner and Matthews were trying for the Jason Bateman goal from the Hogan Family intro on their 2 on 0 break.