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MMA in New York not looking good

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Yet again, a bill to legalize MMA in New York state appears to be sunk before reaching a vote in the state’s assembly.

The bill’s sponsor, Democratic Assembly Leader Joseph Morelle, today told Politics on the Hudson that, despite encouraging signals and a final push from MMA supporters, the votes aren’t there.

After this year’s session was extended to vote on several high-profile bills, Morelle said the MMA bill lost momentum as legislators ran out of time.

“A number of members who are counted as supporters were just unavailable today because of the scheduling, that we weren’t expected to be here this long,” he said, “and it’s really complicated efforts to get to 76 (votes). I think it’s looking less likely as the day wears on.”

I can't believe that New York won't let MMA in. UFC would probably do a major show at MSG or Barclays and the city would end up seeing some of that money.