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My thoughts and opinions


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Hey guys and gals shamus2009 here I am a huge hockey fan and I am straying this thread to share my thoughts and opinions on the nhl and hockey in general, and to see how others feel on similar aspects of the game. I am just doing this for sun because most of my friends are not that into hockey so I don’t have that many people to discuss my passion with.

So to start it all off I’m not going to hide it I am a Leafs fan and I have been since I was born in 1990. I haven’t seen too many of the ups a few playoff runs in the late 90s and early 2000s, and the more recent lockout shortened season in 2012-13 and the past two seasons with early exits. I have seen however the downs, the many years between playoff appearances the complete flop sighings in free agency, the trades that still have most leafs fans fuming. I have seen it all that and I’ve faced the ridicule form opposing fans. I have always owed up to being a leafs fan through all that wearing my hat even when we were basement dwellers, and today I look at the future of the franchise with so much hope and promise.

I do not believe they are going to win the cup this year and I don’t believe they will next year but for once if someone told me they will win the cup in the next 5 years I would say that’s a strong possibility. They have to find someone for the backend before they can make a run but the game is changing and they have a d core similar to Vegas had last season and they went to the final.

That’s my first post, what do you think of the leafs future, would you like to hear more of my opinions on other aspects of the game you have questions for me to answer or topics you want me to discuss leave a comment I think this could be fun.
And just a heads up this isn’t going to be just about the leafs this will be hockey in general

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Welcome Shamus, you may want to post on the leaf board, some good posters there.