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NBA Draft 2015

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First Round

1. Minnesota Timberwolves
2. Los Angeles Lakers
3. Philadelphia 76ers
4. New York Knicks
5. Orlando Magic
6. Sacramento Kings
7. Denver Nuggets
8. Detroit Pistons
9. Charlotte Hornets
10. Miami Heat
11. Indiana Pacers
12. Utah Jazz
13. Phoenix Suns
14. Oklahoma City Thunder
15. Atlanta Hawks (From Brooklyn)
16. Boston Celtics
17. Milwaukee Bucks
18. Houston Rockets (From New Orleans)
19. Washington Wizards
20. Toronto Raptors
21. Dallas Mavericks
22. Chicago Bulls
23. Portland Trail Blazers
24. Cleveland Cavaliers
25. Memphis Grizzlies
26. San Antonio Spurs
27. Los Angeles Lakers (From Houston)
28. Boston Celtics (From L.A. Clippers)
29. Brooklyn Nets (From Atlanta)
30. Golden State Warriors

Second Round

31. Minnesota Timberwolves
32. Houston Rockets (From New York)
33. Boston Celtics (From Philadelphia via Miami)
34. Los Angeles Lakers
35. Philadelphia 76ers (From Orlando)
36. Minnesota Timberwolves (From Sacramento via Houston)
37. Philadelphia 76ers (From Denver via Houston, Portland and Minnesota)
38. Detroit Pistons
39. Charlotte Hornets
40. Miami Heat
41. Brooklyn Nets
42. Utah Jazz
43. Indiana Pacers
44. Phoenix Suns
45. Boston Celtics
46. Milwaukee Bucks
47. Philadelphia 76ers (From New Orleans via Washington and L.A. Clippers)
48. Oklahoma City Thunder
49. Washington Wizards
50. Atlanta Hawks (From Toronto)
51. Orlando Magic (From Chicago)
52. Dallas Mavericks
53. Cleveland Cavaliers (From Portland via Chicago and Denver)
54. Utah Jazz (From Cleveland)
55. San Antonio Spurs
56. New Orleans Pelicans (From Memphis)
57. Denver Nuggets (From L.A. Clippers)
58. Philadelphia 76ers (From Houston)
59. Atlanta Hawks
60. Philadelphia 76ers (From Golden State via Indiana)
It sucks that the Knicks fell to 4. I'm thinking that their best bet might be to trade down a little so that they still get a young prospect in the draft while getting something else back that's a little more proven. There is a LOT that they could use to improve the team. A LOT.
Draft results - Link

I still can't get over the Knick's pick of Porzingis. I'm sure that he can develop into something good. They just...could have done more, I think.

I like them trading for Grant, though. I think he'll be solid.