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Offseason Discussions


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Payouts sent.

Deckie $260 ($180 for the Presidents trophy and $80 for Stanley Cup Runner up)
Hairnova/Snipes $180 (Stanley Cup Champs)
Hornets $40.05 (highest scorer of the 2 losing teams in the semi-finals AKA 3rd place... and someone had to get the extra .05)


Couple of questions before I start to get my roster compliant before the draft.

Do we need to go through all of our contacts on an individual basis and change manually or is there a way to have Fantrax do it automatically?

How are we going to handle current free agents, in regards to the cap hit? Do they stay at last year's salary or do we reduce it? Tough to force someone into a drop when the owner has no idea how much the new contract will be worth.

I may be mistaken, but did we allow teams to go up to 10% above the cap last year until the season started?