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OT: Soccer thread


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So how are everyone's clubs doing?

I mainly pay attention to the Bundesliga and a bit of La Liga. Not really an EPL guy. Bayern Munich are my team. Though I've taken a liking to Hoffenheim as well who are killing as a newly promoted club.

My county is killing in the stats too in the BL..Ibisevic leads with 18 goals in 16 games (Hoffenheim)/next guy is 12..hope he keeps it up in the 2nd half. And Misimovic, Salihovic, Dzeko and Ibisevic are the top 4 leaders in assists.

Bayern/Hoffenheim are now tied on points..last game bayern won 2-1 in the final minutes..Toni with the goal..his usual type of goal.
CSKA Moscow finished the season 2nd in the RPL and really should've been first..

Finished 1st with a 100% record in UEFA Cup too
Russian football has been coming along very nicely over the past few seasons. It's great to see them emerge after years of corruption limiting the effectiveness of the national team program.
Inter hasn't been perfect, but they're on top in the league, and went through the group stages of the CL comfortably (and are entering the semis of the Italian cup for the treble).

They had the draw for the first knockout stage for the CL today.....three epic Italy-England battles right off the bat.....

ManU - Inter
Chelsea - Juve
Arsenal - Roma

Should be sick.

I think we're looking at an Italian sweep.
Inexperienced Arsenal have nobody to secure the centre of their midfield or defense, there is no way they advance.
Roma has been pretty much unstoppable since Totti came back from injury. Arsenal's gonna have a helluva time getting by them.

I like Chelsea, but I don't think they can take out Juve at this point.

the ManU-Inter matchup could be a classic.
Juve fans wanted Ranieri out not long ago but the latest results are brining the fans back on his side. They aren't playing the best footy but they are getting it done lately. I guess that is Italian football for you.
Juve and Milan had a spectacular clash last week. 5-2 I think for Juve, all sweet goals, and tons of other chances.

I guess that's Italian football for you.