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OT: The Official Toronto Raptors Thread


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From the athletic.

2020 Pascal Siakam: Improving on Most Improved
Points/gm increase+9.6+10.3
Ast/gm increase+1.1+0.7
Reb/gm increase+2.4+2.3
3-point/gm increase+0.6+1.3
AST% increase+1.1+4.6
USG% increase+5.1+10.7
PER increase+4.2+3.1


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Pascal is a stud.

Just needs better lift on those mid-range jumpers (regularly drops it short) and he becomes legit unstoppable. The 3-point show has gone way up, his post moves have just become more ridiculous, and he continues to make strides as a facilitator and point-forward. Defensively he also has room to grow but with his motor and athleticism he will become an elite defender in no time as well.

Stud, and legit top-line option on a contending team. Of course nobody in the American media will ever bring it up.


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Kawhi '19: 34.0mpg, 30.3usg%, 26.6pts (60.6ts%) - plyff: 39.1mpg, 32.0usg%, 30.5pts (61.9ts%)
Siakam '20: 36.7mpg, 30.5usg%, 27.2pts (58.6ts%)

Spicy '19: 31.9mpg, 20.8usg%, 16.9pts (62.8ts%) - plf: 37.1mpg, 23.1usg%, 19.0pts (54.0ts%)
Lowry '20: 36.1mpg, 23.4usg%, 21.8pts (66.2ts%)

Lowry '19: 34.0mpg, 19.6usg%, 14.2pts (56.2ts%) - plyff: 37.5mpg, 18.4usg%, 15.0pts (57.6ts%)
Fred '20: 38.5mpg, 20.2usg%, 17.1pts (53.9ts%)

Green '19: 27.7mpg, 14.1usg%, 10.3pts (63.2ts%) - plyff: 28.5mpg, 12.6usg%, 6.9pts (50.3ts%)
Anunoby '20: 30.0mpg, 13.9usg%, 11.7pts (66.9ts%)

Gasol '19: 24.9mpg, 16.3usg%, 9.1pts (56.5ts%) - plyff: 30.6mpg, 13.6usg%, 9.4pts (56.4ts%)
Gasol '20: 28.2mpg, 13.7usg%, 6.7pts (47.3ts%)

Ibaka '19: 27.2mpg, 22.9usg%, 15.0pts (58.2ts%) - plyff: 20.8mpg, 21.4usg%, 9.4pts (53.2ts%)
Ibaka '20: 22.9mpg, 25.9usg%, 14.0pts (59.5ts%)

Fred '19: 27.7mpg, 17.9usg%, 11.0pts (53.9ts%) - plyff: 24.7mpg, 15.3usg%, 8.0pts (53.4ts%)
Norm '20: 25.8mpg, 16.6usg%, 9.2pts (52.9ts%)

Norm '19: 18.8mpg, 19.0usg%, 8.6pts (59.6ts%) - plyff: 15.9mpg, 18.1usg%, 6.5pts (55.8ts%)
Jefferson '20: 18.5mpg, 20.4usg%, 9.0pts (61.2ts%)

Anunoby '19: 20.2mpg, 15.5usg%, 7.0pts (54.4ts%) --- plyff: ---
Davis '20: 12.3mpg, 13.8usg%, 4.3pts (60.8ts%)


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Paul George made his triumphant return in a.....

*checks notes*

......5 point loss to the Pelicans. Neat.

0-3 without Kawhi