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OT: Vacations and Travel Thread


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Joe Beef is booked for the first half of my trip and closed for the second half.

What I enjoy, even more than Joe Beef is one of their sister restaurants next door -- Vin Papillon.

Incredible unique food, prepared by the same Joe Beef Chef at half the price. Plus one of the most forward thinking wine lists on the continent.

The best part -- there are no resos! The place is open from 3PM from Tues-Sat. I usually head there around 4:30/5 and snag a table in their backyard patio. I start drinking some wine (the staff is very knowledgeable) and order small plates until I'm full. Their smoked carrot brisket sandwich and their homemade sliced ham are ridiculous.


As for other places, the Eater list is a pretty good recent overview. I'm not sure what hood you are staying in but I always recommend Mile End area. I like to be very close to Larrys so I can enjoy their excellent coffee/breakfast items when I wake up...and their midnight spaghetti



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aventura, my brother is in SI so I need to be in that area. Need to find an airbnb or something to stay.
Cheesecake factory isn't on my preferred list of restaurants. Never found it that great.

I think that they have call ahead.


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So I have a bunch of questions.... as I prep for montreal trip

A few questions around language....
I am assuming I can mostly get by in english?
Should I attempt my really bad french skillz ?

For places to eat...
https://pizzeriamoretti.com/ that place? - the reviews are pretty bad - so not sure if that was a joke or not

vin papillon - i would prefer being able to make reservations but if i go on say a wednesday at 4:30/5 would i be able to get in? hit or miss?

i am looking for 3 nicer places - so i think i will try moishes, vin papillion and one other - unless i am told otherwise

what about late night grub?

what about a cool pub/bar?

so we are going to osheaga but are in town from tuesday evening to tuesday morning (july 30th to august 6th)
what else do i need to do there?
- is that py1 thing any good?
- just walk around old montreal?
- is the forum still standing? does it look completely different?


The Artist Formerly Known as chiggins.
vin papillon - i would prefer being able to make reservations but if i go on say a wednesday at 4:30/5 would i be able to get in? hit or miss?

I think you'll have no problem on a Wednesday 4:30

As for other spots, where you staying?

For me L'express is a don't miss. Classic Mtl Bistro. Chefs love it. Part of the appeal is that the kitchen is open very late, so you can get a proper steak frites at 1AM. Also free pickles.


PS: 90% of downtown restaurants and shops will serve you in English.


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Anyone been to Sardinia before? Heading out with family in mid Aug, will be in the south (Cagliari outskirts)


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Bolivia is pretty interesting.
Iguazu Falls is awesome.
I had all of Christ the Redeemer to myself when I was in Rio.
Christ the Redeemer (55).jpg