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Babs vs Keefe


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OD is not bad compared to everyone else.
It's odd being someone who grew up with ballard having to hear this.


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All situations xGF% since the coaching change:

1.TBL 56.24 (11.0sh%, 92.1sv%) = 126pt pace
2.BOS 54.44 (9.8sh%, 92.2sv%) = 116pt pace
3.TOR 54.42 (11.1sh%, 89.9sv%) = 106pt pace
4.VGK 54.10 (9.0sh%, 89.1sv%) = 95pt pace
5.PIT 53.14 (10.6sh%, 91.1sv%) = 121pt pace


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Babcock's biggest failure was making this team look bad offensively. I mean how the **** do you even do that. But he did his best.


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Well I bought six weeks of food. Don't feel so stupid now. Tons of Vitamin C, tons of NANO colloidal silver dudes. Hope someone listened on here.