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Carolina Hurricanes 2024 Summer Talk ... press the reset button?

It's my understanding that the team has been trying to get Slavin extended and Jarvis re-signed since those will in large part set the budget for the rest of the summer. That said, it's not always that simple and it's obviously in the players' (and their agents') best interests to let other comparable players get signed to set the market. In case nobody's noticed, this ramp up to the off season has been particularly slow for everybody and there hasn't been much movement on stuff like extensions and re-signings. There were the usual batch of ELCs signed near the end of the regular season but since then very little of note. The bump in the Cap for next year may have actually slowed things down because it allowed for more market correction. I've seen a fair amount of grumbling from Canes fans about "nothing going on" ... so I'm just pointing out that there ain't a heck of lot going on anywhere.
Happy for Jalen and the Hurricanes. He's a solid player and worked his way onto the team. Good for him.

I'm not going there,...you're welcome.

Elliotte Friedman says he thinks that Slavin‘s extension is complete but they can’t announce it until July 1.
That would be welcomed news! Rumor had it that Toronto was going to after him h-a-r-d if he hit free agency.