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OT: Coronavirus Resources - and other things to not worry about

Just a weirdo endemic respiratory/circulatory virus that is here forever at more or less the same levels with dominant genes getting targeted for annual reformulation.
Is anybody completely vaxxed up? I've had 3, but I keep getting texts to get boosters. 🤷‍♂️

Same here. I got my third Covid shot…last summer I guess? Honestly don’t remember. But I’ve never ended up getting any more since then.

Maybe I’m a dummy, but at this stage I’m no longer really concerned about it. At least not enough to go get another shot (the last two of which have turned me into a complete invalid for 24-36 hours).
The product performed pretty excellently last year. Year before it was junk. As long as the match is decent I don't see much of a reason to not get a fall/early winter booster. A general dumbed down rule I've seen that if you're otherwise healthy, and by early fall or when a wave is about to uptick, and the vax is a good match and it's been a year+ since your last infection or vax, get the booster. Minimal risk and if you can delay infection, it's likely worth it for the longevity of your quality of life. Plus a little reminder for your body on how to fight it and broadening of immunity of the different strains can't hurt.

At the moment humans average 1 infection every ~2.5 years and rate of transmission isn't slowing so it'll be a lifelong thing probably. If healthy you're not gonna die but with longterm complications arising in ~1-3% of infections (I don't buy the 10+% number out there, better analysis shows 1-3% is more likely), you probably want to do what you can to minimize the number of infections you get effortlessly without changing how you live.

That's just how I view it at least.
I last got vaxxed just before Xmas. Maybe it’ll be part of my holiday routine
Thankfully, the severity is muted, even amid high infection rates
Very true. Night and day. On the other hand we're conducting a fascinating global experiment and have no idea what the end result will be!

“We are completely under-investigating this virus,” said Douglas C. Wallace, a University of Pennsylvania geneticist and evolutionary biologist. “The effects of repeatedly getting this throughout our lives is going to be much more significant than people are thinking.”
I'm going to Italy for a few weeks in October. Maybe best to get vaxxed up before I go. I get sick every time I go on a plane, so probably a good idea. 😇🤞