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OT: The Official Toronto Raptors Thread


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Mclemore was a guy I wanted us to pick up last year at the end of the year. You can’t give up that many open threes to anyone in this league. Man if we gave up that many in my league we’d be destroyed. These guys are pros. I love the harden D for short spurts but not the whole game.


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Yeah. Put me down in the Nurse got too cute camp
He's giving Serge way too much rope. It's like he thinks Serge is part of his championship core and not a guy who played a decent role on a championship team but has probably been passed by a 3 guys in on court impact over the summer. I get that you want to try to get the guy going after a long injury but he's kind of the antithesis of everything that makes this team really good. He can't make open shots with any regularity, doesn't really run the court that well on the break anymore, can't switch out and defend anything, he can't close out perimeter shooters at a high level, etc.

But it's his usage man...26% usage for a guy like Serge is insane. Actually has the 2nd highest USG% on the Raps after Siakam. He's way too willing to chuck any shot that is moderately open.
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