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OT: Soccer thread

I'm hoping the subs are trying to give end of the roster guys a chance to make a case for Copa because zator/piette/brym as your subs are fucking terrible.

Piette is a guy you can use vs Grenada or Martinique
same starting lineup today vs France as vs Netherlands, aside from the goalie, with Crepeau going in for St.Clair.

Looks like coach has his starting lineup set - and I think it's the right one, too.

David --- Larin

Millar --- Eustaquio --- Kone --- Buchanan

Davies --- Cornelius --- Bombito --- Johnston

canada looking much more credible so far in this one halfway through the first half. france has created a few very good chance, and canada has wasted a couple when it seemed like they were about to create good chances, but possession has been surprisingly even so far and canada looks pretty poised.

let's see if France turns it up a notch.
France playing surprisingly defensive. Keeping a solid block behind the ball and trying to play more counterattack.

France won the scoring chance battle in a huge way but shockingly Canada had a legit solid possession and passing advantage, even if they've been unable to to unlock the french defensive block.

Screenshot 2024-06-09 160744.png
ok that crossbad woke france up now. let's see if canada can hang with them now that they're angry.