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OT: Soccer thread

Just got the TSN app for a month of EURO action.

What do I need to know about the Azzurri?
Azzurri are going with a pretty youthful lineup but all of them are impact players for very good teams.

They have barely played together (coach stuck with the older guys to squeak out qualification) and they barely eveb now their formation....but again, good prime aged players all over the pitch and a legitimately very good coach in spalletti so they could come together nicely....or fall apart right away.

But i like the direction they're going - there's a whole generation of 24-27yr olds who didnt have the last world cup to play in but who could be really good. A few of them did play in the last euros and were arguably the best players on those euro champs - Donnarumma was 22, Barella was 24, Chiesa was 24. Now those guys are 25-27 and complemented by a bunch of quality similar aged guys - Scamacca 25, Dimarco 26 Frattesi 24 Bastoni 25 Calafiori 21 and then bench guys Raspadori 24 Retegui 25 Cambiaso 24 Bellanov 24 Buongiorno 24. Again all good players for good teams.

A couple vets - Jorginho 32 from Arsenal in the middle, DiLorenzo 30 from Napoli at wing back. Pellegrini 29 still prime but missed last euros due to iniury and both world cups in his career - he was once touted as a future great and had a good year thia year for roma.

Hugely variable but they might be underrated. We'll see.

Opening day formation is quite offensive but that might just be because it's Alabania.

Scamacca 25

Chiesa 26 --- Pellegrini 29 --- Frattesi 24

Barella 27 --- Jorginho 32

DiMarco 26 --- Bastoni 25 --- Calafiori 21 --- DiLorenzo 30

Donnarumma 25​
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Hilarious start.

But good game and really should have been a bigger margin of victory. Hopefully that doesn't cost them.
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oh poor belgium.

not that they deserved better but that's an unfortunate disallowed clutch goal.
yeah Davies overexuberance on the PK may have literally cost us getting out of the world cup group stage.
The fuck portigal starting old man ronaldo for. They're stacked with young offensive talent. What a dumb move.

Hoepfully czech can hold on now. Another unimpressive performance from a purported "favorite".